Lights. Choice of armature for maintenance

When repairs is the time to think some as to make the apartment more spacious. Many houses built finish century, unluckily, pretty lower ceilings. But if the ceiling to direct lightness with diffused lightness, the rooms will seem higher. Because the lightness that is reflected from the ceiling, evenly apportioned throughout the placement, making a sense of spaciousness. In small rooms, in addition, it is recommended to use the side lights, which are directed at the walls with goodness reflectivity (wall light shades). Lavatory ideal lamps with Matt bubble. These illuminators look good in crystal chandeliers. For built-in lightness fittings and illuminators Halogen bulbs are preferred. They are ideal for accent in the inside. Recently, they are widely used for lighting shelves, cabinets and niches. Adjustable power lamps can simulate the inside and create new accents. Fluorescent lights significantly more economical incandescent (and halogen lamps). They want preferably be used where you need a stable lighting. In fluorescent lamps also possess a weak spot. For example, if they are frequently turned on and off, they speedily burn out. In the apartment to create a house comfort, better to choose a lamp with a warm yellow glow. This light is closer to organic light, and pleasant to the eye. You can, if desired, use multi-colored ceilings: with scattered purple, pink and blue flowers. If you prepare for the repair, the thought out in progress where and what lighting will be located, however to divide the area into functional zones, and however to most effectively and thriftily light, while maintaining the elegance and style of the interior intact.

Refurbishing flats

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