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In approximately apartment area of a restroom so little that just amazed – and however people in general in such close quarters may somehow give himself up? Original solution to slightly increase the area is to replace bulky bath to a compact douche stall. Of course, provided that you do not get small children who are swimming in the bath should, by definition, and elderly relatives who may be useful to take a full bath for health reasons. The most simple showers are standard form pan, enclosed walls and having a wood door (though it may be put in the middle of the restroom), or even without walls (corner case). In these booths It is possible to create only one hygiene – take a shower bath. They are relatively inexpensive – 10, 000 rubles (domestic) and 50000 (known foreign producers). If, in addition, you request to shower was equipped with hydro-massage, sauna simulation system and other “pleasantness” – need multi-option – more expensive – but to talk about them today, we will not. So for the usual showers, they are on the market now presented a fine many – and what is to become confused when choosing? In fact, everything is simple – you first claim to determine the ordering to be installed your shower bath – in the corner or else bathroom (depending on the angle of the selected or manufactured (with walls) model). You then pay attention to the material from which made the shower equipment. However comfortably as bath and pans are made of cast iron, steely, acrylic and porcelain. Iron difficult to set up (they have too much weight), and slowly warm – until the surface feels warm pan, you will get time to ten minutes to take a shower. Steely warmth up very quickly – but loud “ringing” when they are influenced by h2o jets – so they must extra insulation using container with sand or foaming of the space betwixt the bottom of the floor pan and the polyurethane foam. Acrylic trays are considered ideal – they heat up quickly, and does not “ring”, and the configuration may be totally different, and does not turn yellow complete time, light and durable. But require further exacerbating using a particular frame rigidity, mounted under the bottom of the shower bath. In principle, this may not be considered however a lack – a framework performed, normally made of aluminum, the cost of shower effect slightly, but, thanks to a height-adjustable legs, allows you to set it even imperfectly apartment floor surface. But for porcelain trays, no frame, the wood floor needs to be perfect. As, if the toilet in the entire history of its existence, has undergone alone cosmetic changes – will now get to make global adjustments. And, in an even wood floor, is likely to have and lined the walls. The fact that the majority of normal showers angle frameless format performed on the basis of – and this is not a frame for acrylic plates however on the frame that holds in place the walls and wood doors. In other words, the wood door frameless shower bath enclosures are made of tempered glass or polystyrene, are attached directly to the wall – and those, respectively, to be perfectly polish, in fact, the angle between them must be 90 degrees! As that overhaul in the bathroom will entrust to professionals, not an inch retreating the required parameters – or consider buying a shower enclosure, made on frame technology. Frame, of course, increases the cost of the douche – but it’s yet cheaper than the cost of the negotiation of the walls. At the present time it is possible to think approximately the wood doors. I mean, not that they will or not – even in the most simple shower bath there always are – but some what they will be. Swinging wood doors are comfortable and familiar – but when you open the extra space. Sliding save area, so suited to the closest lavatory. How, their mechanism of opening and closing (representing a movement on roller guides) can if not properly workmanship fail. It remains to select wall mounted (not all simple showers equipped them by default, for some you can buy popular with the model you own), a bar, a hose with a shower – and you can call for the installation of the masters, However It is possible to see, nothing complicated some the item and the range rules shower bath no. The item is easy to use, useful, fashionable and great. How, if you pick the correct, appropriate model for you, even in the most modest-sized washroom reign comfort.

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