Rehabilitation bathroom stages

Washroom Repairs in stages. Getting to repairs the lavatory, you will be done about the following stages: 1. Dismantling the old tub, lavatory and sink, 2. Break down the walls and ceilings of asbestos standard santehkabiny 3. Remove debris 4. Conduct electric works: establish new sockets and switches, to create a separate input supply for the washing machine (this is especially true for homes, where there is no electric stoves), 5. From sheets of plasterboard wall mount new bathroom and bathroom 6. Substitute and clean out the walls of the pipe hot and cold water, drain into the sewer pipe 7. Set the filter is polish in introductory pipes hot and coldness water, 8. Set new bath, sink, bathroom, 9. Put new faucets, 10. Substitute the wiper 11. Lay the floor tiles on the wood floor and walls 12. Do suspended roofs with integrated or mounted lights 13. Change the wood door to the washroom and restroom. Such a outline, It is possible to get to implement it. Repair in the bathroom, step by shagomKak known to break – not to build. Ax, hammer, saw, a some determination – and the old santehkabiny from which previously removed tub, sink, washroom, in front turns into a pile of debris. The apartments, which tend to enjoy standard aqueduct cabin decking glued to the cement screed asphalt mastic. And for many years was on dry asphalt residues, to nothing stuck. How, when removing the wall between the cabin and the corridor it may start to fall apart. However, damaged flooring will get to change. On what? That’s for your work – a new parquet, floor tiles, laminate or other type of covering. But keep in mind – this in turn will “pull” already other issues: changes in the level of floor and, therefore, the additional cost. Although, I To think of, nothing like bathroom tiles until you come up with. Rehabilitation restroom – the ceiling. Breaking the old cabin, the main gain of space, we keep the height. However, have a lovely opportunity for the construction of suspended roofs. There are many options. One could do roofs, suspended roofs rack made of of plastic material or aluminum, suspended ceiling waterproof mirror mirror on a particular fixture or roof of the plastic wall panels attached to furring. The choice is yours. Rehabilitation toilet – laying floor tile. The choice of wall and floor tiles – a difficult task. Eyes literally run away from diversity: the shelves and racks in stores stacked Italian, Spanish, English and Russian tiles… On sale is a glossy, matte and “antique”, dotted with cracks… Problem: what to select? Tiles on the walls somewhat difficult setting accessories such how shelves, towel rack, bathroom paper carrier, etc. To attach them to the wall, it is required to do however. Outlining a screw slightly nakernit wash tile in these places hardened dowel pointed or sharp drill (nakernit – identify drill holes). Then closely drill a hole in the wash tile. Everything else is done so normal. Mirror in the toilet, which expands the space. It is possible to simply buy a ready mirror in the store, and It is possible to set the mirror instead of the ordinary few tiles (in this case it is better to ordering it in the studio or in the salon mirrors). Overhaul lavatory – mounting of new wood doors. Doors should be such that done the doorway could carry a new lavatory and ablution machine. Renovation toilet is not alone tedious and endless, but he’s a destroyer. That it does not completely undermine your rightly-being, you should try whenever possible to save on everything, except, of course, property.

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