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Do you keep a toilet. You do not same kermicheskaya floor tile or simply its styling is outdated. But what if the bathroom renovation starting from zero. You enjoy decided to substitute everything drains, metal pipes with of plastic material, to create alterations to the washroom with shared bathroom. Your actions. It is logical that the size of a suitable grade you already know however to stand is where you keep decided for yourself. Comes a man who will be implementing it in reality. Work in development. The walls keep been removed, pereplnirovka realized. That is goodness. Master of sewer and plumbing starts poditozhivat and implement your ideas. Pipes and drainage carried to the points mentioned by you on the project. This is also goodness. I am a specialist working with ceramic wall tiles for years and dealing clack of tiles, say, “This is not right,” As may you lay plastic pipe if you do not know the size of tile, why I ask such a problem? Point is what? The fact that when the course work is done in that order there is no assurance that the laying of ceramic tiles all points derived plant plastic will be a perfect look later facing wash tiles. Where there will be a mixer? To pieces of ceramic wall tile, and maybe on one side near the edge, and on the other side of the center? Consult an expert.

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