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Hi! Finally, we shoe cobbler, that is me, I remodeled my little house outside Moscow, in fact not even a house, and part of a large cottage on 5 hosts with private entrances and little parcels. I slightly expanded the cottage big and wide, making two tiers of windows space (quite rationally according to friends, I wish I was there more to shield the rooms, but I did not fence) and a bedroom in the attic position. Cottage falls under the category of little-sized housing, he is only 50 space meters. Presently the home in preparation for finishing, and I decided to start with the bathroom – an oasis of cleanliness and relaxation. Since the I’m an architect, just a bathroom I can not do – does not allow the scope of reason, I will do zamorochenny restroom, equipped with a sound system, LED backlight, touch screen built into the wall, and so. I do not want to put small radios offered by manufacturers of sockets that will squeak same a phone, so I chose a recessed ceilings-Way waterproof speakers. With an LED backlight to achieve the capacity I should chromotherapy color ribbon LED will be adjusted to the polish transition of colors or one color fixation via the touch panel. Touchpad I searched long and found no adequate solutions, options for 200, 000 rubles I obviously do not same. How I will do myself. Previously for my purposes very suitable aypad. Question fixation on the wall module is solved firm Sonance i-Wall, and I To think of to provide moisture protection with a particular film and sanitary sealant. At least – I’ll try. If not, then lost 20 000 But, nothing ventured, nothing gained, in his bath, listening to music and viewing photos from holiday on aypade, the sound of a small waterfall Next, more. Thinking done the intention of the lavatory, I wanted a sense of presence in Bali. Therefore, the materials will be: cut wooden wash tiles imitating Provenza W-age from RIM. Ru, stone-glass shades on the walls of Mpamop. Ru, coconut mosaic for emphasis from Ussa-dom. Ru, countertop colored stone and teak wood doors for cabinets, waterfall spout for coating the tub (peeped at the like hotel), great overhead douche Idealrain 300 mm from Ideal Standard, and most importantly, the plants hanging from the roof on a technology with independent fitosten watering. Approximately the concept, range of substances, estimates, work and all the goodies I’m going to tell you about in articles, reports. At first I was skeptical of the reality of the implementation of a reasonable budget, but at the present time I’ve got a third material, calculate the cost of making and I think it meet. Presently the main thing! I have a hard deadline and a rather rigid framework of the budget – no more, and ideally less than 300, 000 rubles for all privse. We’ll see what happens.

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