Together a outline to overhaul the placement

Overhaul apartments involves thorough intervention in the structure of the apartment, complete replacement of the trim, windows, wood doors, floors, aqueduct, replacement of electricity and water. If you decide to create this renovated rooms in the cottage, you will run the following types of works that you will require to create a plan of repairs: – overhaul roofs, walls, floors, and it is their cleaning, surface preparation and Shpatlevanie – Replacement fittings and wall tiled bathroom and kitchen – Replacement or overhaul of windows – Replacement of decking and decking linoleum, carpet, or the setting of parquet or laminate. During this operation it is indispensable to observe a sequence of redevelopment outline (if required) – a plan of repairs work-styling project styling and documentation of the redevelopment, the option of materials and instrumentovKapitalny maintenance begins with the dirty work. They require to do very carefully, so you do not possess to redo the whole thing. This operations such so leveling concrete floors and walls (see Align the wood floor), replacement and setting of new electrical wiring, outlets hidden doors and windows. In addition, this includes all types of work, during which will be used in a drill or COAT resolution. For starters, you can replace the system and establish additional electric outlet. They performed first under the wire, then put yourself outlet and connected to the panel. The kitchen and the hallway would be better to provide a big number of outlets. It takes a lot of outlets for house appliances and kitchen appliances, however comfortably as a fridge, washing machine, telephone, TV and the antenna cable. All this wiring must be connected to a thick wire that is connected to a separate electrical shield. Followed to perform work requiring the apply of welding and assembly of the walls. This, for example, replacement of radiators or seting water conduit in the bathroom and toilet. Floor tile must be laid alone later the completion of welding. Otherwise spark prozhgut top layer of floor tiles, and tiles will lay again. The future stage – the coordination of walls and floors. With its performance generated the greatest capacity of dust, dirt and debris. First require to renovation the voids in the ground docking wall panels. However it will be possible to avoid heating loss and improve the sound insulation of the apartment. Lay close to the plinth, without slots, a good angle to align the wood floor and walls. Alone then establish sockets and switches. Future is the setting of new wood doors, window sills and windows. Put them with the required precision obtained only later leveling walls and wood floor. If you violate this process, errors are inevitable with the sizing of the floor to the bottom of the wood door. In the final part of the work suspended shelves, cornices, architraves and skirting boards are fixed. In the last step is to overhaul the balcony or loggia, there to store the tool, the remains of materials that might be required later. In conclusion, it would be better to beginning it with the back apartment, and finish with the kitchen.

Refurbishing flats

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