How to calculate the required number of wall tiles

How to calculate the required number of tiles with the matter of how to calculate the required number of wall tiles, each person faces, attempted unauthorized repair in the toilet. In general, this is not difficult. There are several ways to do this: 1 way. This is a rather rough variant. For walls: the wood floor is measured and multiplied by the perimeter walls to the height of the level proposed laying wall tile. For the floor just multiply the length by the width. After which the figures are added (5 – 10)% on the possibility of breakage when cutting or styling. 2 way. In this embodiment, the calculation is wash tile pieces. Take the exact size of the tiles and using a pencil and ruler rascherchivaetsya first involves a number of wall tiles. The effect is multiplied by the number of rows. This is a more accurate calculation than in the first variation, but the “human factor” has not been canceled, so do not be amiss to take this into account in the final calculation. 3 ways. It is possible to draw an accurate plan of the walls and the floor on the paper in the correct aspect ratio, and calculate where the floor tiles. This is useful when selecting tiles with patterns. When buying just make a small margin for contingencies. 4th version. Determined the exact area of the surface under the lining with the wood doors, windows and other items. So calculated the area of one floor tile. The total space of the restroom is divided by the space of one tile, the result is the number of floor tiles. If it did not work the whole number, so rounded. But, again, do not forget approximately the possible unforeseen expenses wall tiles. The higher the property, the less waste, respectively, than it is lower than more tiles will break during installation. And, besides, if a tile is placed diagonally, the flow rate is more tiles. The like applies to the complex art installation. 5 ways. Refer to the designer. Will help you to pick the styling and produce a precise calculation of the tiles. For direct installation of wash tiles throw in 5% to the calculated quantity, and at a diagonal – (10 – 15)%. Spirulina is easy to calculate. With a right-trained wall goes 5-7 kg per area meter.

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