Washroom – a limited put because it must promote relaxation, creating clean – and, more importantly, must be resistant to moisture. And also (if the moisture can not fight) is required, and resistance to mold. Paint for the bathroom, how need get a number of interesting affinity. Understandably, there are many ways to beautify a lavatory. To repairs the washroom one step up on the basis of his understanding of comfort and coziness. Someone uses trendy substances and technology, and about prefer the old paint walls. Each view has a right to be, but be sure to consider the high moisture of the rooms. From this calculation and select paint for the ceilings and the washroom. It is significant to understand that the bathroom has both bath and laundry purpose. The restroom is a exceptional place in the apartment, which makes it potential to get a boost of energy earlier a hard day and night to help relax, retire and relax. Any substances have a porous surface, but in some it is minimal, same plastics, and in such however paper or wood, is very big. Concrete surfaces are also hygroscopic and absorb moisture properly, which in the toilet more than adequate. If you put the paint on a damp wall, so in the process of drying the water vapor that enjoy collected under a coat of paint, will lead to cracking. And the paint flaked off. Therefore, the most suitable is latex wall paint for lavatory. Deposited on the wall of properly desiccated, it penetrates deep into her pores and even later repeated wetting and drying, does not flake off base. If latex paint does not fit into the projected styling area (which is hard to imagine, so It is possible to zakolorirovat Kara millions of colors), you can apply any h2o-resistant paint for the walls in the bathroom. But it will keep a goodness grip on concrete base only if the wall deep good desiccated primed 2-3 minutes limited h2o-repellent primer and only then painted. When deciding which paint to paint the bathroom, you need think approximately it and bacteriological resistance. In areas with constantly big moisture walls are covered with mold and bacterial film that deeply penetrates the paint and removes bad even especial preparations. Better to prevent the infection process by selecting the paint, with antibacterial protection. And, of course, keep in mind that in large specialized stores and businesses tinting paints can be done rightly earlier your skin eyes on a especial tinting machine, adding the necessary pigments. Range of colors and very rich – up to several thousand options. AS PAINT lavatory must be great, waterproof and anti-bacterial.

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