Overhaul in the sanitary cabin

If the issue of rehabilitation the washroom has get a necessity, then this article was written, it was for you. Unfortunately, any repairs, the restroom in particular, carries with it about discomfort in everyday life for the people living in the room. First of all – the dust and debris from the noise of the operations and strange people – workers. At work, work accident may be scratched by the wall in the hallway or damaged corners. However, all but forgotten when the maintenance water conduit in the cabin all the work is done and you can enjoy a nice and comfortable environment in the washroom. Of course, the right to make maintenance in the bathroom complex, since such works as the replacement of water pipes, sewage pipes and electrical wires that are worn out and should to be replaced. At the first stage of repairs in the washroom done dismantling of the old wash tiles on the wood floor and on the walls. Shiny new iron bath will please the eye. But, if there is no desire to change it, so It is possible to establish it in an acrylic box for a bath. You get a new acrylic bathtub with a robust cast iron. We advise you not to spare money and create waterproof floor sanitary cabin. This is significant because, if by chance in the washroom is turned off the water, you do not flood the neighbors below, and do not keep to make repair even neighbors. The suspended ceilings is installed from any substance that suits you. This may be a roof made of of plastic material or moisture-resistant drywall. At the present time, problems with the range lavatory no question. You can pick a different configuration and lavatory for every taste. Thing in any washroom – a quality drain mechanism. Pay exceptional attention to this.

Refurbishing flats

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